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Learning Objectives

The learning objectives for the Certificate in Social Innovation and Entrepreneurship are illustrated through a Möbius strip that captures the fluidity and interconnections of these intentions.

Mobius Strip

  • Ways of thinking. Students will develop an understanding of systems theory concepts and methodologies to apply a systems theory lens to viewing social and environmental issues.  Students will approach problem solving with a creative and innovative mindset.
  • Ways of knowing. Students will gain an understanding of the concepts, practices, and interdisciplinary nature of social and sustainable entrepreneurship.  Students will also be able to connect content knowledge from their chosen academic discipline to social innovation and entrepreneurship. 
  • Ways of valuing. Students will be cognizant of social justice issues, ethical ideals, and the impacts of power structure and privilege in our society.  
  • Ways of being. Students will recognize and demonstrate their own agency in interactions with social and natural systems. Students will be empowered to conceive and support a more equitable and sustainable society at the local and/or global level.  
  • Ways of interacting. Students will develop skills to work collaboratively and to build social networks, coalitions, and connections.  Students will craft written work and presentations in various formats and styles and to a variety of audiences.  
  • Ways of doing. Students will be capable of initiating, building, and/or sustaining interactions among people that create social value by transforming ideas into tangible products, services, or initiatives.