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Social Innovation and Entrepreneurship Advising


Dickinson's certificate in Social Innovation and Entrepreneurship (SINE) is about creating pathways for student-led change in our world.  The SINE certificate enables students from ALL majors to develop the knowledge, skills and capacity to conceive of and transform innovative ideas into new products, services and/or organizations that change the world in positive and meaningful ways. 

Students majoring in Computer Science who have an interest in humnitarian service through innovation and entrepreneurship are encouraged to consider completing the SINE certificate along with the Computer Science major. Several Computer Science courses that focus on developing computer science knowledge, skills, and practices through participation in humanitarian open source software projects can be used to satisfy requirements for the SINE certificate.

Recommended Courses and Requirements for Minors and Programs


Students declare the certificate after successful completion of SINE 201: Introduction to Social Innovation and Entrepreneurship. When declaring, students will submit a statement of purpose and propose their individualized plan for completing the certificate; these documents will be written during SINE 201.

For course descriptions and requirements for this certificate, refer to the Academic Bulletin: Social Innovation and Entrepreneurship.

Suggested Curricular Flow for the Program

First and/or Sophomore Years: Successful completion of Introduction to Social Innovation and Entrepreneurship (SINE 201) offered each spring.

Sophomore and Junior Years: Successful completion of four electives.  Electives are designated by the Office of the Registrar each semester.  Or, they can be courses connected to the student’s interests in social innovation and entrepreneurship that have prior approval from the Director of the Certificate program.  Electives must be selected from at least two different academic departments. Successful completion of an experiential learning component.

Senior Year: Successful completion of Senior Seminar in Social Innovation and Entrepreneurship (SINE 400) offered each fall.

For SINE sudents who are Computer Science majors, the fall Computer Science Senior Seminar (COMP 491) can count as a SINE elective and the Spring Computer Science Senior Seminar (COMP 492) may serve as the SINE experiential learning component.

Students interested in Social Innovation and Entrepreneurship Certificate should contact Assistant Professor Michael Beevers (, the Faculty Coordinator of the SINE Certificate program.


Certificate Requirements     
      SINE 201: Introduction to Social Innovation and Entrepreneurship (Spring semester)
SINE 400:  Senior Seminar in Social Innovation and Entrepreneurship (Fall semester)
Four electives
      Experiential learning component 
      Student dossier

In the introductory course (SINE 201), students will write a reflection essay in which the student describes their interest in and goals for this certificate and suggests a tentative plan for simultaneously achieving these personal goals and for completing the certificate.  This essay becomes the initial element of the student’s dossier from which students will build their program.  The Senior Seminar (SINE 400) is the culminating course that draws upon, makes sense of, and connects the introductory course, the student’s choice of electives, and their experiential learning component.