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Inauguration Speeches

Inauguration Greetings

Greetings from Community

Timothy Scott, Mayor of Carlisle

President Ensign, Dickinson College administration, faculty, students, alumni and staff, as Mayor of the Borough of Carlisle, I bring you warm greetings and welcome on behalf of the Greater Carlisle Community. Dickinson College is an integral part of our community and our relationship dates back to the Revolutionary War. We hope to continue that special relationship and strengthen it under your leadership. Congratulations on your inauguration, and we look forward to a flourishing year and all the years ahead.

Greetings from Students

Steven “Chris” Jones ’19

President Ensign, I am honored to welcome you on behalf of the student body. I know my fellow students share in my excitement to have your leadership and vision guiding this college. In your short time on campus, we have already seen the energy you bring to Dickinson, from dancing with us during move-in to being eager to connect with any student you pass. We as a student body stand ready to work with you to continue to advance this college that we all call home.

Greetings from Alumni

David Carlson ’99

As president of the Alumni Council and on behalf of all alumni, I am honored to welcome your leadership to this institution that lives within all of us who were forever changed by our time here. I was a member of the first class to walk up these historic steps as a first year, and, like most alumni today, I walked down these steps many years ago marking my transition from Dickinson student to alumnus. These steps signify the point where we put this useful education into practice and reaffirmed our commitment to innovate, to lead and to improve the world around us. This could not be a more fitting place for you to do the same as 29th president of Dickinson College.

Greetings from Staff

Dottie Warner

It is my honor and my pleasure to be able to offer a greeting from the staff here at Dickinson College. So, on behalf of the crew who set up this stage and these chairs, the crew who is providing audio support for this event, the cooks and caterers who will be providing our lunch and picnic following this ceremony, the men and women on the grounds crew who keep our campus looking so beautiful, and all of my other colleagues from Advancement, Enrollment Management, Marketing & Communications, Finance & Administration, LIS and Student Life, I offer you our greeting, our best wishes and our promise to work with you to fulfill your vision for our college. Welcome!

Greetings from Faculty

Amy Farrell

On behalf of all the Dickinson faculty, from Denny Hall to Kaufman and everything in between, from the arts, the sciences, the humanities, the social sciences and the interdisciplinary fields, I stand here to offer you a very hearty welcome, Dr. Margee Ensign. As scholars, as teachers and as members of this fine college, we admire your encompassing spirit, your international perspective, your vitality and your vision for making this an even greater institution. We especially applaud your focus on the relevance and significance of the liberal arts for addressing our world’s challenges. We very much look forward to working with you. Once again, welcome, President Ensign.

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