by President Margee Ensign


The Philadelphia Inquirer

How universities can keep the Youth Wave of voting going strong

"The voting numbers are important, not just because our students took an active role in helping to shape their future, but because they foreshadow a trend."


After Pittsburgh, where do we see hope for common ground?

"As president and chairman of the board of Dickinson College, we are focused on our students, sources of great inspiration, especially in times like these."

Army Times

This is no time for the Army to retreat from peacekeeping operations

"The Army has wisely used PKSOI to train personnel from an extensive practical knowledge base of best practices, saving lives and treasure in the process."

The Sentinel

No Time for Army to retreat from peacekeeping

"I have seen the results of what happens when highly trained professionals are not available in a humanitarian crisis."

Inside Higher Ed

We Must Do More for International Students

"Bringing the world to our campuses -- and sending our students out into that world -- is a necessity. Failing to provide international perspectives for students does them a disservice."

The Hechinger Report

We say we seek diversity — but where are the truly inclusive campuses?

"I have been told [that] greater intercultural competence might be nice to have, but it is just an elitist frill. I couldn’t disagree more"

The Philadelphia Inquirer

Dickinson College President Opens Doors to Former Captives of Terrorist Group, And It’s Not the First Time

"Now, Ensign’s old world and new worlds were about to collide."

The Washington Post

Civic Engagement and the Value of College

"Colleges and universities must be more purposeful in demonstrating our value to our communities."

The Philadelphia Inquirer

America is disastrously failing to educate internationally literate citizens

"“While it is easy to point fingers at Trump, the problem for America runs far deeper. The U.S. has been the world’s greatest superpower for many decades, but many of our citizens remain willfully ignorant of that world.”"

Huffington Post

What is a college endowment, and why should you care?

""The U.S. Senate’s tax reform bill contains a provision that will apply an excise tax to large college endowments. The provision is a stark illustration of how members of Congress just don’t understand endowments, the roles they play in higher education and the impact this tax will have on students and their hard-working families.""

Huffington Post

To Forge One from Many

"I know what life is like in a country roiled by violent extremists who use religion to turn neighbor against neighbor. I have seen communities and lives destroyed, futures twisted by hate and suffering born of mistrust, all to gain political ends. I have seen how the rhetoric of hatred leads to dead bodies in the street."

Huffington Post

Tax Reform Proposals Attack Colleges and Students

"As Congress wrestles with the tax reform, I along with other higher education leaders have been working diligently, contacting elected officials, and urging them to vote against a plan that would damage higher education in this country."


Keeping Nigerian youths from Boko Haram’s clutches

"If you’re not educated, you can be easily manipulated. If you can’t imagine your life is going to get better,” then you’re more at risk, the American educator says. The extremists “do provide some purpose, even though it’s an evil purpose."

Huffington Post

Communicating Across Cultures: The Missing Link

"The U.S. against the world. White nationalists versus the rest of the country. It’s a frightening and disheartening world."