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Statements from President Ensign

In Support of Charlottesville

To the Dickinson Community:

We join the nation in its profound sadness and outrage at the white supremacy protests in Charlottesville this weekend. We reject the hatred and violence the movement seeks to sow. The friends and families of all the victims of this vicious attack have our deepest sympathy, and we are firm in our resolve to continue the battle for justice and full equality for all Americans.

As we prepare to enroll the most diverse class in our history, Dickinson remains firmly committed to creating and sustaining a campus that is welcoming to people from all backgrounds. We recognize that only through embracing both our differences and our shared humanity can we strengthen our campus, our community and the world.

Our founder, Benjamin Rush, was a signer of this country's Declaration of Independence. That document—at the dawn of our nation—clearly pointed us all toward a future in which it is "self-evident that all men are created equal." The struggle to achieve this—America's very loftiest goal—continues. Dickinson College joins all Americans of good will in working tirelessly toward that end.


Margee Ensign
President, Dickinson College