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2022 Commencement Citations

Judith Faulkner ’65


Judith Faulkner ’65 
Doctor of Civic Engagement

Citation presented by Dick Forrester
Professor of Mathematics and Data Analytics

Citation written by Emily Marshall
Associate Professor of Economics and Data Analytics

Conferring of the degree by John E. Jones III, President

Judith Faulkner, your service to society as a philanthropist, forward-looking software developer, and medical technology visionary has benefited communities across the country and improved quality of life through advances in healthcare for generations to come. Your contributions to humanity, built on foundations of reliable and efficient computer science applications to healthcare, has transformed medical care that is at the center of human well-being.

In 1979, you bravely started your own software company, imagining ways to revolutionize medical care with foresight and courage matched by few others of your time. Built from humble beginnings, Epic is now the leading medical-record software company in the U.S. It employs over 10,000 people, is used by some of the most prestigious and influential health care centers, and reaches approximately 225 million U.S. patients, including patients of the UPMC Carlisle.

Your work has brought countless efficiencies to the medical field, given people closeness to their own healthcare, and significantly enhanced community healthcare systems. In addition, your company has helped supply a universe of data for researchers to analyze, learn from, and improve healthcare while prioritizing patient privacy.

In 2019, Forbes named you the most successful female technology company founder. You have been a pioneer and remarkable role model for female programmers, computer scientists, businesswomen and humanitarians.

Your contributions to medical technology are matched by your generosity, evidenced by your company’s service to society and reinforced by your signing of the Giving Pledge to contribute 99 percent of your assets to philanthropy. The Roots & Wings foundation you established provides support for children and families in need so that they can reach their full potential. You have said that your gifts are intended to “help others with roots—food, warmth, shelter, health care, education—so they too can have wings.” During the pandemic, you provided free access to Covid-related software including infection management tools and telemedicine, in communities’ deepest time of need and tragedy.

President Jones, in recognition of her service to society through innovations in healthcare, dedication to life-long learning and vital support of low-income children and families, I am proud to present Judith Faulkner as a candidate for an honorary degree of civic engagement.