Training's and Workshops



Leadership-focused trainings will be offered during breaks and are open to all students (some class restrictions may apply). These trainings are focused on developing the technical and intrapersonal skills needed to successfully lead wilderness trips in a variety of disciplines. Students will be selected through an application process. In many cases, students do not need a wealth of outdoor experience, just the right attitude, a desire to learn and leadership potential! Additionally, skills-intensive trainings will be offered throughout the year in areas such as rock climbing and white water boating.  Listed below is  list of online training you can do from your comfort of home or if you are in a bind.


Workshops in Wilderness Medicine, trip planning and other topics will also be offered to meet the needs of the campus community. Campus groups desiring a workshop in a specific outdoor topic may arrange an event through the office. Potential workshops include navigation, food planning, team building games and initiatives, gear repair, stove use and safety and many more!