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Registration takes just a few minutes to complete at

The college is now offering Alumnifire, an online platform that provides an additional layer of career and networking support by connecting users with opportunities, information and potential contacts throughout the Dickinson network. 

The Alumnifire platform aggregates job, internship and job-shadowing opportunities at organizations where Dickinsonians and friends of the college work. It also makes it easier for Dickinsonians to assist current students and for students to find professional contacts and mentors who are willing and able to help.

When they sign up, alumni, parents and friends of the college are asked to identify the help and expertise they'd like to offer, such as:

  • general career or industry advice,
  • informational interviews,
  • mock interviews,
  • networking opportunities/introductions
  • or help with navigating the application process at their organizations.

They also indicate how they like to be contacted and how often. Students and alumni can then directly find and contact the people who've volunteered to provide the very kind of assistance and advice they need.

Paid for by the college through an annual subscription, the service is free for all Dickinsonians and friends of the college. All members of the college community—students, alumni, parents, employees and friends—are encouraged to join.

Registration takes just a few minutes to complete at

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