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Alumni Career Advising

Alumni Preparation Punch List for Student/Alumni Meeting


Before Conversation/Meeting

Understand the student’s background
Should the student send over a resume, LinkedIn link, or Alumni fire profile link, review before the conversation to get a sense of their interests and career goals.

Respond to the message within 72 hours
A student reaching out to alumni to discuss career goals and pathways may be a very courageous act for some. Answer promptly, acknowledge their bravery and their ability to take ownership of their careers, and be forthcoming about your schedule so that you both can find a time to connect.

Come with questions!
To show your investment in the current Dickinson student community, come to the conversation with questions pertaining to their studies and career goals. This will make the conversation more interactive on both ends, may ease nerves, and get them talking/more comfortable with asking you questions.


During Conversation/Meeting

Listen and be attentive
Ensure that the time that you’ve committed to is a time where you can give students your undivided attention.

Connect the dots
Students will come prepared with a pitch, bio, and questions to help guide them along their career exploration journey. They are looking for your subject matter expertise. Provide that by making connections to what they’re studying and what your field offers, but most importantly, connect them to others that are experts in the field.

Extend a branch
As you close the conversation, say something like ‘well, how else can I help you in navigating this field?’ Students may have more tangible expectations such as ‘I’d like to intern at your company,’ or ‘I’d like to be your mentee.’ Others may say ‘I’d like you to look over my resume and give me interview tips.’ Meet the students’ needs but be mindful of over-committing to something you cannot do.


After Conversation/Meeting

Respond to student’s thank you email
Students should send a thank you/wrap-up email following the conversation. Respond by acknowledging their thank you and reiterating what your commitment to them will be moving forward.

Keep in touch!
Students may keep you updated on their progress. Continue to cheer them on and validate their progression with responses to their notes.