Spring 2021 On-Campus Student Information

For All New and Returning Students Who Will be On-campus for Spring 2021 Semester:


On behalf of the staff of Information Services (IS), we want to welcome you!  This page is intended to provide you with important technical information regarding the campus WiFi, software, printing, and computer access.  

Wireless Network: Wireless coverage is available across the campus and in all student residential spaces. Please note that you may see multiple wireless networks appear on your computer when you are in the process of accessing the campus network. All members of the Dickinson community may connect to the wireless network titled “Dickinson”.  The “Dickinson” network is also presented in some smaller campus houses as “RedDevilNet”.  Both networks can be connected to using your Dickinson username (i.e. your email address without the ‘@dickinson.edu’ suffix) and your Gateway password.  For instructions on configuring your computer, tablet or phone, please click here: 

It should be noted that personal wireless devices such as access points, personal hotspots and wireless printers adversely impact the performance and availability of the campus wireless network and are not permitted for use anywhere on campus.  Further information about this policy may be found at the following location: 


Wired Network: To connect to the wired campus network, you must have an Ethernet cable, and your computer must have Ethernet capability. Network jacks are provided in all residence halls. When using the wired network, you will be prompted to register your computer before being able to access the internet. If you are not prompted, try another jack in the room. If this still does not prompt you, contact the Help Desk (helpdesk@dickinson.edu) and provide the number written on the jack where you would like to plug in your computer. 


Game Consoles (Xbox, PlayStation, etc.) and Smart TVs: Students may register and use gaming consoles and Smart (internet-enabled) TVs on the campus WIRED network (noted above).  Game systems and TVs may not be used on the Wireless network. Instructions can be found here. 


Campus Computing Availability: Given the limited number of students and employees on campus for the online Fall semester, the only computer lab generally available to students is the HUB Micro Room (lower level of the Holland Union Building). As with everywhere on campus, face masks are required in the Micro Room and, for your safety, and as a courtesy to others, please use the available cleaning supplies in the room to sanitize the keyboard, mouse, and desk workspace before and after using any of the computers. 


Computing Resources for Online Instruction: Additionally, for those students who do not possess computing resources for online instruction, assistance may be available.  Contact the Student Life office for more information. studentlife@dickinson.edu 


Remote Access to Campus Software: Some courses may require access to software applications or, like textbooks, may call for students to acquire their own copies of certain software titles.  The faculty for your courses will provide necessary information to you for any remote software access needs. 


Lastly, all students connected to the campus network agree to abide by the terms of the Dickinson College Acceptable Network Usage Policy. You must accept this policy to use the campus network. Further information about this policy may be found at the following location: 


For additional questions and support for any problems that you might encounter, contact the Help Desk: helpdesk@dickinson.edu or access all online documentation in the Information Services Knowledge Base (www.dickinson.edu/knowledgebase).   

We again welcome you and wish you a happy, healthy, and successful academic year!