Dickinson College offers a major and minor in medieval & early modern studies (MEMS). What makes our program unique is the flexibility students have to design their courses of study according to their own interests, enabling them to bring together courses from many different departments—English, history, art, music, philosophy, religion, classical studies and foreign language—around a topic involving European civilization from late antiquity to the 18th century.

MEMS is made up of 18 experienced faculty members, all of whom are accomplished and respected scholars in their fields of study. The major culminates with a senior seminar and a research paper or project developed with two faculty advisors from different disciplines who serve as mentors throughout the capstone experience.

The breadth and rigor of our program will prepare students who would like to continue their studies in graduate school, as well as a variety of other professions in the contemporary workplace. Your MEMS education, grounded in advanced competency in critical thinking, analysis and verbal expression (both written and oral), will be relevant wherever you go beyond Dickinson. 

Contact Info

Melinda Schlitt
Prof., Art & Art History, William W. Edel Prof. of Humanities

Department Coordinator:
Michele Karper
Acad Dept Coord Art & Art Hist


2nd Floor, Weiss
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