What does one do with a German major or minor? Do Dickinsonians speak German after graduation? What aspects of a Dickinson education, German courses, and study abroad remain important to former Dickinsonians.

Here are the stories of alumni who graduated with a major or minor in German and pursued careers in such diverse fields as geology, business, policy, study abroad, and academics. Thanks to Jane Feldman (’15) for the idea. Each alumnus or alumna responded to a questionnaire.

January 2018 Alumnus Story: Kurt Olausen, Class of 1990

If you or someone you know was a former Dickinsonian who majored or minored in German, please feel free to send responses to the questionnaire to Sarah McGaughey

  1. Please provide a brief description of your path after Dickinson and where you find yourself today. 
  2. Please describe your studies at Dickinson, in particular your German courses. 
  3. What is your strongest memory of studying on the Dickinson campus? 
  4. Did you study abroad? Where and when? 
  5. What are your memories of studying abroad? 
  6. Do you still speak German on a regular basis? If so, in what way? 
  7. Whether you still use the German language actively in your life or not, what else about your studies in German or in Germany proved important to you? 
  8. If you have not already, could you provide a specific example of how they have been important to your life or career? 
  9. If you could give advice to a current or potential German major/minor, what would it be?