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Careers and graduate school

Careers and graduate school in computer science

Dickinson’s broad forward-looking computer science curriculum couples a rigorous academic foundation with a set of practical skills to prepare students for current opportunities and a wide range of possible futures. Current students have completed a variety of technical internships and summer research experiences. Recent graduates have begun careers with large technology companies, small consulting firms, startups, non-profits and just about everything in between. Others have pursued graduate studies in areas including computer science, software engineering, robotics, law, and medicine.

Profiles of recent computer science graduates

Internships and research experiences by recent computer science majors

  • Chaotic Systems and Evolutionary Computation, Dickinson College, Carlisle, PA
  • Cyber Security IT Lab Junior Summer Institute, Carnegie Mellon University, Pittsburgh, PA
  • Deep Mind, Google, London, UK
  • Microsoft, Redmond, WA
  • Enterprise Knowledge, Washington, DC
  • Audible, New York, NY
  • ADP, Roseland NJ
  • US Navy, Narragansett RI
  • Project Share, Carlsile, PA
  • ReturnLogic, Carlisle, PA
  • Infiniteach, Chicago, IL
  • SOFTTribe, Accra, Ghana
  • FIS Global, Hanoi, Vietnam
  • Box, Inc, Redwood City, CA

Jobs held by recent computer science alumni

  • Software Development Engineer, Audible, New York, NY
  • Technical Analyst, Black Rock, New York, NY
  • Software Engineer, Bloomberg LLP, New York, NY
  • Front End Web Developer, Effect Studios, Accra Ghana
  • Software Developer, ADP, Roseland NJ
  • Research Scientist, Broad Institute at MIT, Boston MA
  • Clinical Scientist, GeneOne Life Sciences, Washington DC
  • Software Engineer, Lockheed Martin, Bethesda MD
  • IT Scientist, US Navy, Narragansett RI
  • Membership Intern, Consumer Technology Association, Washington DC
  • Software Engineer, Twitter, San Francisco CA
  • Software Engineer, Amazon, New York, NY
  • Software Engineer, Raytheon, Washington DC
  • Software Engineer, Google, Mountain View CA
  • Technology Associate, Morgan Stanley, New York, NY
  • Software Developer, Enterprise Knowledge, Washington DC
  • Data Mining Software Engineer, JD Digits, Beijing, China
  • Software Engineer, Booz Allen Hamilton, Arlington VA
  • Software Engineer, Alt Inc, Tokyo Japan
  • Software Developer, ChemImage, Pittsburgh PA
  • Senior Developer and Machine Learning Engineer, Workia, Buenos Aires Argentina
  • Senior Consultant for Software Development, ThoughtWorks, Brooklyn NY
  • Senior Analyst, Johnson & Johnson, Doylestown PA
  • Data & Analytics Software Engineer, Union Street Media, Pittsburgh PA
  • Integration Engineer, Epic Systems, Madison, WI
  • Software Engineer, Handy Technologies, New York NY
  • Software Engineer, Google, New York NY
  • Director of Robotics, Fetch Robotics, San Francisco CA
  • Vice President of Interactive Strategies, The Case Foundation, Washington DC

Graduate degrees pursued by recent computer science alumni

  • MS in Computer Science, Georgia Institute of Technology
  • MS in Computer Science, Brown University
  • MS in Computer Science, University of Rochester
  • MS in Computer Science, University of San Francisco
  • MS in Software Engineering, Villanova University
  • MS in Data Science, Emory University
  • MS in Data Science, New York University
  • MS in Computational Data Science, Carnegie Mellon University
  • MS in Information and Data Science, University of California Berkley
  • MS in Software Engineering and Data Science, Harvard University
  • MS in Information Security Policy and Management, Carnegie Mellon University
  • MS in Security Informatics, Johns Hopkins University
  • MS in Cyber Security, National Defense University
  • MS in Bioinformatics, Johns Hopkins University
  • MS in Bioinformatics, Boston University
  • MBA in General Management, Duke University
  • MBA, Yale University
  • Masters of Finance, University of Rochester
  • Masters in Finance, New York University
  • Masters in Accounting & Valuation, Vanderbilt University
  • PhD in Machine Learning, University of Minnesota
  • PhD in Electrical Engineering, Drexel University
  • PhD in Software Engineering, Carnegie Mellon University
  • PhD in Computer Science, Worcester Polytechnic Institute
  • PhD in Computer Science, Stanford University
  • PhD in Logic, University of Maryland
  • JD, Harvard University
  • JD, Stanford University
  • JD, George Mason University

Other resources

The Dickinson Career Center provides excellent advice and guidance for students seeking both internships and job opportunites for after graduation.

Also, check out Dickinson's Alumni Fire networking site.  This site connects you directly to Dickinson Alumni who are offering jobs, general career advice and mock interview practice.  You can search directly for alumni who graduated with computer science majors or alumni who are working in computing and technology fields. 

Here are some excellent websites about careers in computer science