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Placement & Transfer Credits

The Computer Science Major and Minor:

The College Bulletin provides information on the requirements for the computer science major and minor.

Transfer Credits:

General information about transferring credits from another college or university is provided by the Registrar’s office.

Courses taken at another college or university (including during study abroad) that are to be transferred to satisfy requirements for the computer science major or minor require approval of the department.  You should seek pre-approval of courses you plan to take before enrolling in them to prevent the possibility of taking a course that does not transfer in the way that you expect.  Your computer science major advisor or the department chair can direct you to the appropriate person who will evaluate courses for transfer credit.  This person will typically ask you to provide the following information, so collecting it in advance will speed up the process:

  • Course title and description (a link to the appropriate course/program is very helpful).
  • The name and location of the institution that is offering the course.
  • A syllabus for the course (if a current syllabus is unavailable, a past syllabus for the same course or a link to the course web page may suffice).
  • The name of the textbook and the sections to be covered.
  • The name of the corresponding course at Dickinson College (if appropriate).

If they say that the course will transfer in to Dickinson, submit the course details through the online Enrollment in Another Institution form. (Here is some additional information about transfer credits on the registrar's web page.)

Advanced Placement

Information about course placement and credit for advanced work done prior to college (e.g. AP exams/IB/A-Levels/etc.) is maintained by the Registrar’s office.