Timeline and Tasks for Pursuit of Honors in the Chemistry Major 






Second semester - Junior Year

Student approaches advisor about pursuing honors

Advisor approaches dept about student eligibility

Department reviews student records for eligibility

Last day of classes of fall semester*

Student provides department with a proposal

Advisor has provided feedback to student on the proposal


Next scheduled department meeting



Department considers proposal on its merits

By third – fourth week of semester


Advisor notifies student of the department’s decision to proceed



Two weeks prior to presentation



Submits a draft of final research paper to advisor

Advisor provides feedback to student on written work


One week prior to presentation


Submits a draft of final research paper to each department member

Advisor reviews public presentation with student and provides feedback

Department members provide written feedback to student on draft (and copy the advisor)

Reading Day during Finals week(Wednesday)


Publicly presents research to a lay audience and department

The advisor may act to clarify audience questions but refrain from answering?

Department makes a final determination on honors based on success in two of three areas above

*Or upon a mutually agreed upon date decided by the department.