Format Specifications for Honors Theses (Revised 2012)

In order to facilitate the binding and cataloging of honors theses for the Archives and Special Collections Department of the Dickinson College Library, the following guidelines shall be observed:

  1. The top, bottom, and right hand margins shall be one inch, and the left margin shall be one and one quarter inches.
  2. The thesis shall be fully paginated, including any forwards, prefaces, appendices, and bibliographies.  Page numbers shall be centered approximately one half inch from the bottom of each page. 
  3. The title page of the thesis shall include the full title, author, date of submission, department for which the thesis is being submitted, the name of the thesis supervisor, and any designated readers of the thesis, as applicable.  (An example of a properly constructed title page can be obtained in the department office.)
  4. The copy of the thesis which is to be bound and permanently maintained in the College Archives shall be printed by the College Print Center.  (Additional copies of the thesis, if desired by the Department or the student author of the thesis, need not necessarily be printed by the Print Center.)
  5. The cost of binding the Archives copy of the thesis will be paid for by the Archives.  Additional copies to be professionally bound for the Department or the student will cost $30 per copy.  If the department is paying for this binding, please include an Internal Requisition with the order.  If the student is paying for any binding they will need to make payment arrangements with the Archives.
  6. If a copy of the thesis is bound for the Department, please include a contact person’s name.  If copies are to be mailed directly to the student, please include the desired mailing address.
  7. Please print the copy for the Archives single sided, regardless of how many pages it contains.  Other copies that are to be bound should be printed single sided if they are less than 20 pages.  Honors with more than 20 pages may be printed double or single sided.

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact Deb Ege at ext. 1399.