Final Honors Thesis Guidelines

Honors research is to be reported in a paper that follows the format of an appropriate journal. The C.B.E. Style Manual is recommended as a reference. Specific formatting of this document should follow the guidelines set forth by the Archives and Special Collections department in the library. The student is responsible for properly acknowledging all help received. A draft of the paper is to be submitted to each Committee member by the deadline set by the Committee. The final paper should represent the final revision of the Honors report. The student should submit two copies of the final paper (one for the Biology Department and one for the Dickinson College Library), plus others if the Committee requests them. The paper will be judged on these criteria:

  • Quality of research reported therein. Preferably, of course, the results of the research will be conclusive and complete. Negative results of research conducted in a logical, careful, and thorough manner, however, will be equally acceptable.
  • Quality of the paper itself. The writing should be clear and concise. It should be logically arranged, and should reflect a thorough search of the pertinent literature. Tables and figures should be well planned and executed. The format of an appropriate biological journal should have been closely followed.

Please refer to the *Thesis Formatting Guide* (PDF)