UO Course Number UO Course Title Dickinson Course Number Dickinson Course Title Comments
ZOOL 222 Evolutionary Biology BIOL 215 Evolution w/Lab  
Not yet indentified   BIOL 216 Genetics Students who have completed BIOL 216 are prohibited from taking GENE 221 or GENE 222 due to similarity in content.
ZOOL 221 Animal designs for Living BIOL 221 Animal Diversity w/Lab  
ANAT 332 if students have taken BIOL 213. ANAT 332 prereq is ANAT 241. Cell Biology BIOL 313 Cell Biology w/Lab  
ECOL 211 Ecology of Communities and Ecosystems BIOL 314 Ecology w/Lab  
ANAT 243 Reproductive and Developmental Biology BIOL 318 Animal Development w/Lab  
BTNY 201 Plant Functional Biology and Biotechnology BIOL 325 Plant Physiology w/Lab  
MICR 221 Microbes to Medicine BIOL 326 Microbiology w/Lab  
ANAT 242 Neurobiology BIOL 330 Neurobiology w/Lab  
BIOC 223 Cellular Biochemistry and Metabolism BIOL 343 Metabolism  
MICR 223 Infection and Immunity BIOL 380 Immunology  
GENE 312 Evolutionary Genetics BIOL 416 Population Genetics w/Lab