All biology majors must include a research experience as part of their undergraduate program. All biology majors will be required to present the results of their research experience in on-campus symposia or at regional or national conferences.

This requirement may be satisfied by the successful completion of any one of the following:

  1. An independent research project OR a student/faculty collaborative research project for biology credit
  2. An off-campus internship with significant research component
  3. Seminar (BIOL 412)
  4. A research experience not covered by the above but deemed equivalent 

The learning goals of the biology research experience are:

  1. To actively participate in research design, execution, and data analysis 
  2. To present the results of the research experience in an on-campus symposium or at regional or national conferences. (Even if the project has been presented at the site (for example, location of SFS or summer program), the student is still required to present on campus or at a professional conference.)
    To contribute new information in the field of Biology
  3. To demonstrate independence with respect to the project

Ready to submit a proposal? Proposals should be submitted to the student's faculty advisor, who will determine whether the completed experience satisfies the research experience requirement.

On-Campus Symposia for Students

Two major on-campus symposia in which students are encouraged to participate are:

  • Biology Student Research Symposium - November 2018
  • The Annual Science Student Research Symposium - April 2019