American Studies Senior Symposium

Every student in American Studies writes a senior thesis on a topic of his or her own choosing.  The thesis is the capstone of the major.  Students do original research with primary sources and draw on American studies scholarship to develop their own insights and arguments.  The range of topics is wide, reflecting the varieties of student interest.  Recent senior theses have including ones focusing on the Christian diet industry, social networking and privacy, Major League Baseball and neo-colonialism, gentrification and Spanish Harlem, war veterans and trauma, the ideology of gender in Miss America, student activism in challenging rape culture on a college campus, and the representation of hoarding by the media.  Students write a prospectus in the fall semester and in the spring write their theses. As an aid to their scholarship, the Department sponsors a senior symposium in March where students present their research to an audience of faculty, friends, and their peers.  The feedback students receive gives them new questions to ask and scholarly discoveries to make.

The 2019 American studies senior symposium will be held Saturday, March 2, 2019 in the Stern Center Great Room.

The 2017 American studies senior symposium was held Saturday, March 4, 2017, read about it here.