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Prior Year Cost of Attendance

2023-2024 Cost of Attendance

2023-2024 Undergraduate Cost of Attendance

  On Campus Cost Off Campus Cost
(Living with parent
or family member)
Tuition* $62,900 $62,900
Required Fees* $550 $550
Housing* $8,500 $0
Food* $8,000 $0
Commuter Living Allowance
(Housing and Food)
$0 $9,800
Books & Supplies $1,324 $1,324
Personal Expenses $1,628 $1,628
Transportation $300 $300
Direct Loan Fees $62 $62
Total Cost of Attendance $83,264 $76,564

*These are direct billed expenses. Cost of attendance is based on the median amount of on campus housing, and food is based on the Any 21 Meal Plan. All students are required to live on campus unless they have received permission from housing to live with a parent/family member. Commuter students are not charged for housing and food, but an allowance is included in the Cost of Attendance. Students who are not covered under a U.S. health-insurance policy will be billed for student health insurance. The estimated cost for this health insurance for the 23-24 academic year is $2,523, to be billed in two equal installments, fall and spring.  For a full list of potential fees, please review the annual fees provided by student accounts.  

** An additional allowance for transportation expenses is estimated for families living outside the mid-Atlantic region. The allowance is based upon distance from Dickinson College.

2023-2024 Graduate Cost of Attendance


Living Off-Campus
(Less than Half-time)

Living Off-Campus
Living Off-Campus
Tuition $2,500 $5,000 $10,000
Living Allowance
(Housing and Food)
$15,938 $15,938 $15,938
Books & Supplies $444 $888 $1,776
Loan Fees $200 $240 $310
Personal Expenses $0 $814 $1,628
Total Cost of Attendance $19,082 $22,879 $29,652

Study Abroad Cost of Attendance for individual programs may be found on the Education Abroad page by selecting the program and Cost/Scholarship tab.