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Professional photographers hired by the college will take photos of graduates as they receive their diplomas from the president of the college. Island Photography of Port Washington, New York, will make these photos available on their website within two to three days after the event. If you have any questions, you can contact Island Photography by calling 516-767-1234. 

A designated photo area will be set up along the ceremonial platform for families who wish to take additional photos. The graduates will accept their degrees in alphabetical order, and college personnel will be stationed adjacent to the photo platform to help determine when a family member of a given graduate may enter the photo area. To ensure that all families have access to the photo platform, only one family member per graduate will be permitted in the photo area. Once the graduate descends from the platform, we ask that the family member quickly exit the platform.  

Please note that this area is for photography only. No videos will be permitted to be filmed from the photo area, due to time constraints.