1. Please contact Angie Bower to schedule a meeting with a QA and your department head/chair to discuss goals and outcomes.
  2. Submit IDI request form that will reflect your intercultural competence goals.
  3. Schedule a pre-IDI presentation with your department/class.
  4. Department will receive their individual username and password to the IDI assessment for each person take online.
  5. Group debrief once department/class completes the IDI assessment.
  6. Department/students have the option to request one-on-one debriefs to receive their personal IDI profile and their Intercultural Development Plan.
  7. Continued follow-up and progress reports on plans, goals and outcomes.

Objectives for Students, Faculty, and Staff

  • Engage in civil interaction across difference
  • Engage in constructive talk across difference
  • Engage in productive intercultural interaction
  • Recognize we will make mistakes
  • Take risks to interact with others who experiences are different
  • Move beyond fear, anxiety, defensiveness to positively engage
  • Develop/increase resilience
  • Educate one another about cultural differences
  • Take advantage of opportunities for intercultural interactions
  • Welcome and initiate conversations across difference
  • Think about the kinds of relationships I want and create them
  • Recognize that this can be difficult, emotional work
  • Understand implications of cultures and cultural difference