Current Subcommittees

Assessment Subcommittee -- Brenda Bretz, Chair
Members: Angie Harris, Liz Lewis, Dennette Moul

  • Develop programmatic assessment for the initiative, determining what success looks like and how/when we will measure progress.
  • Develop baseline for campus assessment, using a model of best practice.
  • Analyze results of the student campus climate data and employee climate survey.

Curriculum Subcommittee -- Jeremy Ball, Chair
Members:  Brian Atkins, Donna Bickford, Marni Jones, Liz Toth, Liz Lewis, Kat Matic

  • Enhance coordination of programming into a curriculum for students, faculty and staff with shared learning outcomes that will include introductory, intermediate and advanced opportunities targeted to various aspects of diversity/inclusivity/intercultural learning, to include:
    • Healthy Masculinities
    • Implicit bias awareness and workshops
  • Recruit presenters for new workshops/events/programs.
  • Propose programming for alumni/ae.

IDI/Qualified Administrator (QA) Subcommittee*

*The work of this subcommittee has been tabled for now as we reassess the value and purpose of using the IDI at Dickinson.  

Communication Subcommittee -- Connie McNamara, Chair
Members: Amy McKiernan, Dennette Moul, Maria Ritchie, Sam Halpern '22

  • Develop a strategy for marketing the Commission and its work both on and off campus.
  • Identify appropriate venues for op eds, articles, etc.
  • Develop a plan to communicate our leadership role.

Underrepresented Faculty & Staff Subcommittee -- Santiago Anria , Chair
Members: Bridget Burnhisel, Jeanette Diamond, Erica Lawrence, Amaury Leopoldo Sosa, Kim Masimore, Sarah Niebler, Nidia Werner

  • Identify issues related to invisible service and propose remedies.
  • Develop a mentoring program.

Inclusivity Reading/Research Subcommittee -- Vincent Stephens, Chair
Members:  Donna Bickford, Jess Howard

  • Conduct on-going research and literature review of relevant policies and actions. 
  • Share best practices and learning of our D&I policies and actions with higher education community.