Welcome to Dickinson! Members of our admissions team understand that retrieving the information you need to help your students from college Web sites often can be difficult and time consuming. We hope that you find the information here useful, convenient and timely.

We also hope that you will discover the character and personality of Dickinson as well as what makes us unique. A distinctively Dickinson liberal-arts education prepares bright, aspiring young people to commit to lives of substantive contribution in all fields of endeavor necessary to advance a globally engaged democracy. These fields include law, medicine and health services, scientific research, the arts, business and finance, public service, education, community service, military, science and religion.

We invite your feedback because it is our goal to provide you with the tools you need to best serve your students. Please send any questions or suggestions to admissions@dickinson.edu.

Visiting Dickinson

Guidance counselors are welcome to visit anytime and participate in counselor tours. We recommend that you coordinate trip planning with Dickinson's regional counselor for your area.

Dickinson College would like to invite you to join one of our special counselor programs held annually in February and April. Space is limited and registration is required. Contact our office to learn more about the programs.

Encourage Your Students to Connect With Us

We're eager to meet your students! As you know, campus visits provide an important opportunity to experience Dickinson firsthand. We offer a variety of options for visitors to discover more about and connect with the Dickinson community. Our online visit scheduler allows students to select from options available on any particular date. Information on visit programs is also available online.

We also look forward to meeting your students and their families during our travels around the country and the globe. Our staff's travel plans and our regional receptions are posted online. Additionally, members of the Dickinson Admissions Volunteer Society are available to conduct off-campus interviews.

Please encourage your students to provide contact information to us so that we can notify them directly of opportunities to connect.