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The Value of a Dickinson Education

Dickinson has great value in the short and long term and will prepare each and every student for a successful life after graduation. According to Bloomberg BusinessWeek, which ranked Dickinson one of 50 “Holy Grail,” low-cost, high-return colleges, the median 30-year return on investment of a Dickinson education is more than $1 million.

But to understand Dickinson’s true value, you need to hear from the people who have been there. Not only do our alumni stay connected to Dickinson and provide valuable networking opportunities to our students, but they often feel compelled to share their postgraduation stories and tell us where their Dickinson education has taken them, and today more than ever, those stories need to be told.

Business and Social Sciences

Whether they majored in international business & management or international studies, economics or English, our alumni are in top positions in the world of business, finance, international relations, law and more.

Science and Medicine

Because of Dickinson’s position at the forefront of scientific technology, our alumni go on to succeed in medical school or pursue careers in bio-research and environmental areas.

Arts, Humanities and Education

Dickinson alumni are professional artists and photographers, award-winning authors, language scholars, theatre specialists and successful educators, and many of these careers are worlds away from their undergraduate majors.


From agents to athletes, Dickinsonians are active in all athletics arenas, and it's due in large part to the college's commitment to the student-athlete and the emphasis that a liberal-arts degree is a warmup for any challenge.

Parent Perspectives

While it’s the students who gain the most from a Dickinson education, it’s often their parents who see the results first.

You can also read profiles of alumni who are making their mark on the world, learn about the ways we strive to make a Dickinson education affordable and learn about the value of a liberal-arts education in a broader context.