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Placement & Transfer Credits

Is there a mathematics graduation requirement?

No, there is no mathematics requirement. There is a Quantitative Reasoning (QR) requirement. Every mathematics course fulfills the QR requirement, but the QR requirement can be fulfilled by courses in many other departments.

The College describes the QR requirement as follows.

Quantitative Reasoning. A Quantitative Reasoning Course is a regular academic course designed to provide a solid foundation for the interpretation and critical understanding of the world through numbers, logic, or deductive and analytical reasoning. Both words are carefully chosen: "quantitative" suggests having to do with numbers and relations and logic, while "reasoning" refers to the creation and interpretation of arguments. Courses that focus on the analysis of and drawing of inductive inferences from quantitative data as well as courses that concentrate on the formulation of deductive and analytical arguments can satisfy this requirement. "QR" courses can be offered from any department at the college. A single course that fulfills this requirement and other requirements may be used for each requirement (unless the other requirement is Division III, Lab Science), but counts as only one of the 32 required for graduation.

Each semester courses meeting the Quantitative Reasoning requirement are noted with an attribute when viewing the course offerings on the *Registrar's Office* web page.