Internship in Moscow is not only a chance to enrich your Moscow life style experience and add a beneficial point to your resume but it also give you a great opportunity to find new friends and communicate in Russian beyond the academic environment.

The program coordinator helps students to find an interesting internship based on interests and wishes of the students. As a rule, students choose a work placement from a number of options selected and offered by the coordinator. Here are some examples of our students' internships in Russia:

Ex-libris Museum – Margaret Browndorf ‘08

Ex-libris Museum is a 15- year old museum which specializes in bookplates. It is also the home of the Moscow Book Lovers society. They put up exhibits once every couple of weeks on different themes and by different artists.
Margaret cataloged books and bookplates in Russian. She also helped to put up exhibits and to organize parties  for exhibit-openings. 

Greek Embassy – Nina Ioannidou '11

The Greek Embassy in Moscow offers assistance to the Greek citizens traveling or residing in Russia; furthermore it fosters political and cultural ties between Greece and Russian Federation.
Nina worked as a news research assistant under the supervision of the Greek Government Foreign Affairs advisor. She was exposed to the Russian media and explored her linguistic abilities in real-time situations. She compiled summaries of various articles reflecting the political tendencies of the Russian public. Moreover, she assessed the role of Russian think tanks and NGOs such as Memorial, producing a final report in the end.
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Orphanage – Jack Seitz '05

Orphanage institutions in Russia provide orphaned children with a place to live and study until they graduate from high school.

After joining a group of other Dickinson students in presenting a small performance at the Moscow orphanage, Jack decided to come back and teach English to the children on a regular basis.

Mother’s Right Fund – Elizabeth Clark ‘08

This organization provides support and protection of the rights and interests of parents whose children were killed in peace time military service throughout the territory of the former USSR.
Elizabeth assisted in the office and helped with the monthly newsletter.
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Civic Assistance – Evan Sparling ‘08

Civic Assistance is a non-profit immigrant adjustment service in central Moscow.  They help immigrant families find apartments, complete their registrations to live in Moscow, place their children in schools, and even help buy groceries.  It also runs a school that tutors the immigrant children, many of whom had their formal schooling interrupted.
Evan worked as an English teacher, preparing lessons twice a week for children of various ages.
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U.S. Embassy – Erica  Lally ‘08

The US Embassy in Moscow provides assistance for US citizens traveling to, or residing in, Russia.
At the embassy, Erica worked in the Political Section - on issues relating to Russian domestic politics.  She attended and wrote reports on meetings and political rallies held by Kremlin-supported parties as well as parties of the political opposition. She worked on topics such as the participation of Russian youth in politics, the political implications of blogging, and the current situation for Roma in Russia, and also had the opportunity to conduct one-on-one interviews with leaders of the Romany community in Moscow and with prominent youth activists.
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The Moscow American Center – Rosalie Gant ‘07

The Moscow American center is a public library based on the American model. The Center provides library and reference services and hosts cultural and educational programs. The Center also offers its visitors information about the United States, books and magazines, art exhibits, cultural events, lecture series and discussion groups.
Rosalie worked at the center facilitating one-on-one conversations where Moscovites spoke with her to improve their English. She also led group discussions where Russians would practice speaking English in a more informal and casual group setting.
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Samantha School – Cara Roney ‘07

Samantha School is a private educational establishment that provides language courses for students of different ages. The school defines its mission as not only to educate, but also to improve diplomatic relations between the United States and Russia.
At Samantha School, Cara taught English to children between the ages of nine and ten.
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