The "Golden Ring" is a popular touristic route that includes the  some of the most beautiful ancient Russian towns. Traditionally, Dickinsonians visit two Golden Ring 'pearls' - Vladimir and Suzdal.

The ancient centers of Vladimir and Suzdal, which lie to the north and within easy reach of Moscow, are among the treasure houses of Russian architecture. Suzdal, on the Kamenka River, has many splendid churches dating from the twelfth century. The entire city is a museum, and part of its exhibit, in a field along the river, is an extraordinary outdoor collection of wooden architecture. Some of the those buildings were brought there from all over Northern Russia.  

picture of suzdal kremlin in winter

Kremlin in Suzdal

students dressed in native costumes

Dickinson 'Dukes' in Suzdal

students enjoying Suzdal winter

Winter fun Russian style