Why Major in Economics

There are many reasons to major in Economics. Whether majoring in economics is a good or bad choice depends upon a number of factors that vary greatly among students. No major is for everyone. It depends upon your individual goals, preferences, and abilities: your personal interest in economics and economic issues; your abilities relative to the intellectual demands of the major; and your long term career goals.

Is Economics right for you? If you have done, or are doing, reasonably well in E-111 "Introduction to Microeconomics" and have done reasonably well in any mathematics courses that you have taken, then in all likelihood you have the ability to complete the major. If this is the case, then your individual preferences and goals will determine your choice. To help you decide, a list of the advantages of being an economics major is provided below. You are encouraged to compare these advantages (and any others that you perceive) of the Economics major with the advantages of other majors you are considering. You should in making your choice feel free to talk with faculty members in all majors that you are considering. Note that many students successfully complete two majors. Some examples of past double majors in economics include Religion, Classics, History, Mathematics, Policy Studies, and International Business & Management.

Please follow this link for a presentation which provides information to help you determine whether ECON or QECN is the right major for you.