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How do you know you are meeting your Global DEI Outcomes?: Assessing and Communicating Impact

Participate In The Institute Of International Education/Dickinson Virtual Workshop On Assessing Global Dei Outcomes.

Over the last few years, the Institute of International Education (IIE) and Dickinson College have partnered to offer a series of virtual workshops for international educators and DEI professionals around the globe. Designed to be practical in nature, these workshops have provided much-needed training opportunities that explore the intersection between intercultural and global learning and diversity, equity and inclusion—work that has been traditionally siloed. We have conducted workshops with almost 300 participants, representing 80+ institutions from around the world: 

  • Moving From Inclusivity Talk to Equity in Action in International Education Leadership in 2020-21 (December, January and March) 

  • A three-part workshop series, Building Bridges: Committing to Global Equity and Justice in International Education in spring 2022 

  • How do you know you are meeting your Global DEI Outcomes?: Assessing and Communicating Impact in December 2022

The partnership between Dickinson and IIE aims to bridge the gap by bringing practitioners, scholars and learners from across disciplines, backgrounds and cultures together to create new knowledge, best practices and collaborative approaches that grapple with the complexity of building trust and equity across cultures.

Please join us for our newest iteration of our workshop: How do you know you are meeting your Global DEI Outcomes?: Assessing and Communicating Impact.  This 6-hour virtual workshop will help participants create a plan for assessing their outcomes on their DEI and intercultural strategies and think through how to communicate with stakeholders about outcomes, new directions and remaining challenges.


How do you know you are meeting your Global DEI Outcomes?: Assessing and Communicating Impact

One of the more daunting elements of Global DEI work at our institutions and organizations can be how we assess and communicate our progress. It takes a great deal of time and energy to do the work of making our institutions, offices, programs, policies and practices more inclusive and equitable, so we often neglect the important work of assessing and communicating our progress. What do we mean by assessment?  A better understanding of the data and stories you already have and what you may still need to set goals and outcomes and measure progress. 
This 6-hour virtual workshop will help demystify the process of assessment and evaluation by providing creative ideas, a roadmap and case studies so that participants can develop or enhance their own strategies.  Come prepared with your own questions ready to learn and share with presenters and participants.


Participants will:

  • Understand why they need assessment and evaluation;
  • Start to develop an assessment and evaluation roadmap; and,
  • Begin to strategize how to communicate their Global DEI outcomes and shift their narrative across stakeholders.



  • IIENetwork Members*/Dickinson Alumni: $299
  • Non-Members: $399
  • IIENetwork Members Team (up to 2 participants from same institution/organization): $359
  • Non-Members Team (up to 2 participants from same institution/organization): $449


Registration is closed.


We welcome participation worldwide. If you have questions about the workshop series or registration fees, please email


"You all created a safe and vulnerable space where this was not 'small talk.' We got down and dirty to real conversations immediately, which I love, and the conversations and ideas were flowing. This was incredibly valuable, and I look forward to attending more workshops like this in the future!" 

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"The workshop has been truly valuable and given me so much to think about—and act on!" 

"My campus has already done a lot of DEI work. However, this perspective of unifying DEI with global education was new and refreshing. It was a paradigm shift. I am excited about the work this has inspired and I really look forward to diving into this. Thanks to all who organized and contributed!" 

"This was an outstanding workshop. The panelists provided so much food for thought, with tools for further reflection and action." 

“This was hands down the most thoughtful, engaging, and well-organized online training I have ever participated in. It's not easy to put an online training together for a large group of individuals, but you did it so smoothly and so well. I actually left the last workshop wishing there were more! Thank you so much for building the content and sessions so carefully, and leading them so masterfully.” 



Dickinson College and the Institute of International Education (IIE) have partnered to offer timely workshops at the intersection between intercultural and global learning and diversity, equity and inclusion. This unique collaboration between IIE and Dickinson leverages the strengths of two institutions with a common commitment to international education and a shared mission of building inclusive, equitable and sustainable communities. Both institutions bring deep expertise and a global network that provides an opportunity to reimagine an international education framework that incorporates global, intercultural and equity/inclusion lenses.  


Dickinson College is a long-recognized and award-winning leader in global education and study abroad with unique strengths at the intersection of global and intercultural learning and diversity, equity and inclusion. It is the only two-time winner of NAFSA’s Senator Paul Simon Award for Comprehensive Internationalization, regarded as the pinnacle of achievements in global education.  Dickinson is a nationally recognized liberal-arts college chartered in 1783 in Carlisle, Pa. The highly selective college is home to 2,300 students from across the nation and around the world. In addition to global education at home and abroad, defining characteristics of a Dickinson education include a focus on the environment and sustainability, which is integrated into the curriculum and the campus and exemplifies the college’s commitment to providing an education for the common good. Learn more at 

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About IIE

The Institute of International Education (IIE) is the leader in designing and implementing international education strategies and program services. We work with governments, policymakers, educators, and employers across the globe to prepare students and professionals for the global workforce and equip them to solve the increasingly complex challenges facing our interconnected world. With support from donors, we also create initiatives that assist students, scholars, and artists whose lives and work are threatened; expand teaching and learning across cultures; and provide opportunities to underserved populations. A not-for-profit organization founded in 1919, IIE has a network of 16 offices and affiliates worldwide and over 1,600 higher education partners. 

Interested in becoming an IIENetwork Member? Visit IIE’s website or email with any questions. 

Facilitator Bios

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Samantha Brandauer

Samantha Brandauer has committed her career to international and intercultural education. She is currently Associate Provost and Executive Director of the Center for Global Study and Engagement at Dickinson College. Her focus as a practitioner/scholar is to build inclusive, equitable and sustainable communities through international education. Throughout her professional experiences in international education working at the Institute of International Education; the University of Maryland; Brown University; Study Abroad in Scandinavia- DIS and Gettysburg College, she has facilitated workshops and trainings on building intercultural competence and at Dickinson has developed a series of workshops for study abroad and international students at the intersection of intercultural learning and diversity, equity and inclusion. Samantha has lived, studied and/or worked in Austria, Cameroon, Denmark, Germany and France. She holds an M.A. from American University’s School of International Service in International Communication.

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Julia Carnine

Julia Carnine Ph.D. is director of the Dickinson program in France and contributing faculty at Dickinson’s French and Francophone studies department. She has 20 years of experience in international education, having served five years as director for the LIU’s Global College in Hangzhou, China until coming to France in 2002. Dr. Carnine teaches in intercultural programs at the University of Toulouse and conducts research on social networks in international student mobility. She is a member of Europe’s COST research group and APUAF (Associations of American University Programs in France).

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Mirka Martel is IIE’s head of Research, Evaluation & Learning (REL) and has been with IIE since 2012. She manages research and evaluation projects in international education, leadership and development. Mirka specializes in quantitative and qualitative evaluation of international education programs, with a specific interest in higher education exchange and leadership. She published a chapter on measuring the impact of international exchange in International Scholarships in Higher Education: Pathways to Social Change (2018). She holds a masters in international affairs from Columbia University and a doctorate in international and comparative education from Teachers College, Columbia University.