Natalie Cortez ’09

Natalie Cortez ’09 married Dr. Stanley Aladi on Oct. 9 at a rustic barn in Plant City, Fla.

Cortez aladi1 wedding dsonmagwinter22

Natalie Cortez ’09 pictured with her bridesmaids. From left: Caroline Corso ’06, Glenda Scott ’06, Natalie Cortez ’09, bride, Rachel Ward and Nalleli Hassan.  

Cortez aladi2 wedding dsonmagwinter22

Chioma Okpala '09

Chioma Okpala '09 got married in San Donato Val di Comino, Italy, on Sept. 5. 

Okpala wedding dsonmagwinter22

Okpala wedding group dsonmagwinter22

Leah Simendinger ’13

On Nov. 13, Leah Simendinger ’13 married John Pokiniewski at Folino Estate in Kutztown, Pa. From left: Loren Pease ’13, Michael Pennington ’07, Laura Garbarino ’13, Leah Simendinger ’13 (bride), Alison Pogust ’13, John Papavizas ’13, Lizzie Harvey ’13, Maggie Lewis ’13 and Melanie Levine ’13.

Simendiger pokiniewski wedding dsonmagwinter22

Vince White ’13 and Alexis Kuzma ’13

Vince White ’13 and Alexis Kuzma ’13 were married on Sept. 18 in New York City. 

White kuzma1 wedding dsonmagwinter22

In September, Dickinsonians got together for the wedding of Vince White ’13 and Alexis Kuzma ’13. Back row, from left: Jimmy Fenerty ’13, Diamond McClintock ’14, Chris Cox ’15, Alexis Kuzma ’13, Vince White ’13, John Dumas ’11 and Matt Dolan ’11. Front Row, from left: bridesmaid Kelsey Albanese Jones ’13, maid of honor Lily MacKenty ’13, Anne Buckley ’13, Gretta Buckley ’13, Hunter Dewing-Hommes ’13, Olivia Price ’13, Todd Gerry ’13 and Coach Alan Seretti. 

White kuzma 2 wedding dsonmagwinter22