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What's College Really Like?

Well, ask different people and you’ll get different answers. So we asked Dickinson students to weigh in on various facets of the college experience, as they’ve experienced them at Dickinson.

From the classroom to the faculty, from academics to the unexpected, learn a little about everything in the below videos. Because Dickinson is a unique place, and its own unique voices tell its story best.

Navigating academic life at Dickinson

Joanne Adebayo ’21 (Princeton, N.J.)


The classroom experience at Dickinson

Hannah Guy-Mozenter ’19 (West Chester, Pa.)


What to expect as an international student at Dickinson

Tao Xu ’21 (Yangzhou, China)


The student-faculty research experience at Dickinson

Ashir Borah ’19 (Guwahati, Assam, India)


Taking advantage of first-year programs at Dickinson

JC Sosa-Soto ’21 (Glendale, N.Y.)


Expecting the unexpected at Dickinson

Carolina Celedon ’22 (Wexford, Pa.)


Leaving your comfort zone at Dickinson

Jackie Joyce ’19 (Mechanicsburg, Pa.)

Diversity in the Classroom

Simona Bajgai '20 (Bhaktapur, Nepal)