View wedding photos submitted by Dickinsonians for the spring 2019 issue of Dickinson Magazine.

Elizabeth Gilmour ’92 married Evan Molyneaux on Dec. 28 in a surprise holiday wedding celebration in Jackson, Wyo. Her daughters Avery (13) and Addison (9) stood by her side, as did Jeffrey Moll ’62, who officiated.

Matthew Stevenson ’02 married Abigail Scott in Washington, D.C., on Feb. 2. Dickinsonians in attendance included Lauren Sheehy Huezo ’00, Milton Huezo ’98, Melanie Keating Mouyard, David Leary ’00, Chris Wilhelm ’97, Kristine Ritter Wilhelm ’99, Ken Larsh ’99, Nicole Paules Larsh ’00, Alison Leary Miller ’01, Chris Gagne ’98, Laurie Burns, Sian Gillette Fisher, Chris Hellmann, Julie Shelton Martin, Dan Mouyard ’00, Joel Spinney ’97, Mark Lloyd ’00, Jayson Lawson, Aimee Zoppi Confer ’00, Daniel Confer and Fernando Astigueta ’99.

Joshua Keating ’05 married Kimberly Kaltreider on Nov. 10 in Cape Cod. Dickinsonians in attendance included Keith Hackenberg ’05, Amanda Kudis ’05 and Pierre Smith ’05 and sister Alison Keating Merritt ’07.

Jackie Wagaman ’07 married Harmar Denny ’07 on Oct. 28 in York, Pa. Dickinsonians in attendance at their “Hallowedding” included Sara Yester Zorich ’09, Sarah Dunworth Correnti ’08, Daniel Seals ’07 and Ann Potter ’07.

Peter Black ’08 married Shelbyrae Anderson (University of Washington ’12) in Mukilteo, Wash., on Sept. 29. Several Dickinsonians were in attendance, including groomsmen Christopher Duncombe ’08, Michael Murphy ’08 and Josh Tiger ’08.

Garrett Shields ’12 married Rachel Jordan ’13 at Lakeview Farms in Dover, Pa., on Sept. 29. Dickinsonians in attendance included Eric McKnight ’14, Anna Hansen ’12, Emma Murtaugh ’11, Dylan Kelleher ’13, Katie Tomsho ’12, Marc Katz ’10, Mike Blair ’12, Becky Patterson ’13, Allison Jordan ’11, Lilah Terwilliger Katz ’10, Carly Jordan ’13, Hannah Anderson ’13, Mel Gerberich ’12, Jimmy Martin ’13, Olivia Murphy-Rogers, Liz Babcock ’12, Alicia Palmieri ’12, Sara Fowler ’12, Holleh Tajalli ’12, Molly Jerome ’12, Katie Walters Clark ’12, Julie McTernan ’12, Catherine Campbell ’12 and Amy Lane ’13.

Tristan White ’12 married Carson Gannon ’13 on Sept. 29 with many Dickinsonians in attendance. They met in 2014 through the Dickinson swim team and dated throughout their time in Carlisle. Swim coach Paul Richards and teammate Caroline Brennan ’15 read in their ceremony, while many Red Devil teammates were in the wedding party.