View wedding photos submitted by Dickinsonians for the winter 2019 issue of Dickinson Magazine.

In July, Olivia Lewis ’10 married John Arscott in Baltimore, Md. Back row, from left: Megan Wall Montague ’10, Kimberly Alligood ’10, Andrew Ringwood ’11, Olivia Lewis Arscott ’10, Morgan Mintz Flannery ’10, Michael Cimerola ’10, Amelie Milet ’10, Marc Katz ’10, Lilah Terwilliger Katz ’10 and Catherine Ludwig Villada ’10. Front row, from left: Kelsey Watkinson Whitley ’11, Kelly Maurer ’10, Alexandra Geiger ’10 and Katharine Burmeister ’10.

Sorority sisters from Kappa Alpha Theta met to celebrate the marriage of Olivia Lewis ’10 and John Arscott. From left: Amelie Milet ’10, Alexandra Geiger ’10, Morgan Mintz Flannery ’10, Katharine Burmeister ’10, Kimberly Alligood ’10, Olivia Lewis Arscott ’10, Megan Wall Montague ’10, Catherine Ludwig Villada ’10, Kelly Maurer ’10 and Lilah Terwilliger Katz ’10.

Elyse Faccenda ’10 married Stephen Ohms on November 17 in Cape May N.J. From left:  Christy Pedrow, Brian Pedrow ’85, Phoebe Castanis Coombsc’87, Mark Myers (back) , Chris Coombs ’85, Elyse Faccenda Ohms ’10, Stephen Ohms, Rob Faccenda ’84, Deborah Rogers Faccenda ’84, Michael Stern ’84 and Alexandra Faccenda ’14.

Elyse Faccenda ’10 and Stephen Ohms take their wedding vows in Cape May, N.J.

Mike Montross ’11 married Vivianne Alves de Sa on July 21 in Annapolis, Md. Dickinsonians in attendance from left: David Lister ’11, Tyler Zentz ’09, Kevin Riley ’11, Steve Smith ’10, Nolan Rodman, Carole Dempsey ’11, Mike Montross ’Vivianne Alves de Sa, Carly Patane ’11, Evan Farha ’11, Tim Rahauser ’11 and Britton Wyckoff ’11. In attendance, but not pictured: Taylor Ferry ’12, Alex Boorse ’13, Soccer Coach Brian Redding and wife Julie Redding. 

Emma Tesman ’13 married Jonathan Price on October 7 in Hershey, Pa. with numerous Dickinsonians in attendance. Front row from left: Jessica Moran Hicks ’13, Emma Tesman ’13, Makayla Hannington ’13, Lauren O’Leary ’13 and Hannah Shaffer ’13. Back row from left: Josh Hicks ’12, Mauricio Torres ’12, Ivan Gutierrez ’13, Gina del Rio ’13 and Kate Hoffinger ’13.