November 18, 2018

How does our interaction with space disrupt our understanding of time?

How does our presence in a place commingle with its past and shape its future? Colette Krogol and Matt Reeves, artistic directors of Orange Grove Dance, join Visiting Assistant Professor of Dance Erin Crawley-Woods and Assistant Professor of Design Kent Barrett to create an interactive, site-specific journey. Set in the Cubiculo located above the Carlisle Theatre, Project(3) explores the history of the theatre and the ways in which Carlisle and its residents used the space. PROJECT(3) weaves together dance, media and sound to animate, illuminate and celebrate one of downtown Carlisle’s most treasured venues. Your presence determines the outcome.


Further information

  • Location: The Cubiculo
  • Time: 2:00 pm - 3:00 pm Calendar Icon
  • Cost: Varies