April 29, 2014

Please come and learn more about the The Arts and Activism: Trinidad and Tobago Mosaic.

Please join us during this information session to learn more about the The Arts and Activism: Trinidad and Tobago Mosaic. Students from all majors are invited to apply to the full semester Trinidad and Tobago Festival Arts Mosaic. The Mosaic integrates a three-week research trip (Thursday, January 29 to Saturday, February 21, 2015) to the twin island nation of Trinidad and Tobago. The mosaic offers a comparative view of Caribbean cultural life, spending time in the heavily industrialized, ethnically plural island of Trinidad as well as the more pastoral, tourist-oriented, ethnically homogenous island of Tobago. During this mosaic, students will be introduced to the history of the Caribbean region, its politics, culture and economies. Focusing intensively on one ethnographic site, the mosaic examines visual, musical, and expressive arts and their role in the postcolonial politics as experienced and performed by citizens, returning migrants, and visitors to this independent Caribbean state.

In addition, we will investigate the influence of local activities on migrant populations who return to the Caribbean to partake in festivals and significant cultural moments, as well as the transnational movement of these artistic practices. Students will be challenged to consider the role of the arts in the politics of the nation and its diaspora. Through readings, lectures, guest speakers, site visits, participant observation, interviews, visual documentation (photography and filming), and hands-on artistic production (via internships and workshops), students will develop their knowledge of the region and explore the nature of the relationship between the arts, socio-cultural development and sustainability, identity politics and economics.

Objectives of Mosaic:

• Learn about Caribbean society, culture, history, and politics through traditional scholarly materials

• Develop specialized knowledge of one ethnographic site (Trinidad and Tobago)

• Develop knowledge of Trinidad &Tobago’s expressive cultural and artistic traditions through engagement with collaborators in the field and experiential learning activities

• Build upon proficiency in research, analysis and dissemination techniques (written, visual, and/or performative).

For further information, please contact the faculty directors:

• Professor Jerry Philogene, American Studies (philogej@dickinson.edu)

• Professor Patricia van Leeuwaarde Moonsammy, Africana Studies (moonsamp@dickinson.edu)

Rolling Admissions: May 1-September 30, 2014. First Review of applications will take place on May 15. Program Fee: In the range of $3,000.

Further information

  • Location: Althouse 201
  • Time: 4:30 pm - 5:30 pm Calendar Icon
  • Cost: Free