October 10, 2017

"Why the Biggest Barrier to Solving Our Climate Crisis May Be in Our Heads"

Join Rare CEO and 2017 Rose Walters Prize recipient Brett Jenks for a thought-provoking session that illuminates how the biggest barriers impeding conservation climate solutions lie not in the natural world, but in our brains and ourselves. Humans are very complicated beings. And while we love recounting simple heroic stories, we aren’t very good at diagnosing, much less understanding, what actually brings about such seismic shifts. Consider bloodletting or slavery or a woman’s right to vote? What were the economics of these changes? What motivated such huge shifts in the way people treat themselves and each other? These epic shifts in social norms around health practices, politics and commerce are quite similar to the dramatic transformations we now seek in creating a sustainable world. So what makes change? What do we know? And, what is being learned in behavioral economics and social psychology and neuroscience that will let us become the change agents we need to be? This will be the focus of our discussion.

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Further information

  • Location: ATS
  • Time: 7:00 pm - 8:15 pm Calendar Icon
  • Cost: Free