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Allyship: Best Practices for a More Just Community

January 25, 2024

Facilitated by: Rabbi Marley Weiner, Director of the Asbell Center for Jewish Life


Why can it be so hard to advocate for meaningful social change? How can we overcome those internal and external roadblocks?

What are some best practices to build community buy-in for change?

How can we create a concrete plan to make our ideals of equity and inclusion a lived reality?

Rather than focusing on one area of bias, this training will teach skills that can be applied to many different types of bias in an intersectional way. This is a two-part training session which will be held on January 18 & 25.

Registration is required. Please sign up in TotaraLunch will be provided; seating is limited.


Rabbi Marley Weiner is a multifaith organizer and social-justice educator. She has trained with POWER: Philadelphia’s multifaith student clergy team, the National Coalition Building Institute, and the Inside Out Wisdom and Action Project. She is the director of the Asbell Center for Jewish Life within the Division of Equity and Inclusion


Further information

  • Location: HUB Social Hall East
  • Time: 12:00 pm - 1:30 pm Calendar Icon
  • Cost: Varies