October 20, 2022

Stop by to speak with a recruiter for Southern Teachers!

Info Session

Stop by to speak with a recruiter for Southern Teachers!

Southern Teachers recruits educators for over 700 private and independent schools throughout the South.

Soon-to-be college graduates, alumni, and seasoned educators with wide-ranging academic majors can apply for our job search services. Accepted candidates then meet with their assigned Placement Counselor for an interview. Counselors also help candidates assemble their credentials file and speak to each candidates references. Taking this time to know each candidate's background and search is the key to our success helping to discern which open jobs are the right fit for a candidate and a school.

We work with schools from Maryland to Florida to Texas and recruit teachers for every subject from art to zoology, as well as coaches, dorm advisors, media and technology specialists, counselors, admission staff, key administrators and school leaders.

As the oldest education recruitment organization in America, our mission is to help our member schools offer their students the best education possible.


Further information

  • Location: Table -HUB (Holland Union Building)
  • Time: 11:30 am - 1:30 pm Calendar Icon
  • Cost: Free