October 26, 2022

Two info sessions with Enterprise Knowledge.

Join Sara Duane ’20, Senior Data and Information Management Analyst, and Logan Cort ’22, Analyst, to learn about 2023 Summer Internships at Enterprise Knowledge!

If you're a current sophomore or junior, you don't want to miss this opportunity to connect in-person with two members of the EK team!

Enterprise Knowledge (EK) is hiring a Strategy Intern (all majors) and a Technical Intern (tech majors - Computer Science, Data Analytics, Quantitative Econ) to join their world-leading Knowledge Management Consulting Practice for the summer of 2023.

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Dson Connected: Strategy Intern
Dson Connected: Technical Intern

EK is seeking applicants with exceptional communications skills, both written and oral. The positio ns demand excellent analytical, interpersonal, and leadership skills. Applicants should be hungry for opportunities and wish to be valued for the unique skills and insights they bring. Zach Wahl '98 , President and CEO of Enterprise Knowledge leads the solid group of Dickinson alumni forging their careers at EK: https://tinyurl.com/58kh4wsc


Further information

  • Location: Stafford Auditorium
  • Time: 6:30 pm - 8:30 pm Calendar Icon
  • Cost: Free