November 30, 2021

Solar Air Heaters – the Low Hanging Fruit Among Solar Collectors presented by Dr. Hans Pfister Prof. of Physics and the George W. Pedlow Chair in Pedagogy, Department of Physics & Astronomy


In this three-part presentation, Prof. Pfister will introduce you to a type of solar collector, the Solar Air Heater (SAH). These solar collectors are much simpler to construct than Photovoltaic (PV) Panels and yet, their solar to thermal energy conversion efficiency is about 4x greater than that of typical PV solar panels. In Part 1, you will learn how SAHs work, where they are used, how the SAH research community is embracing them more every year, and how you can build your own to reduce your own carbon footprint. In Part 2, Prof. Pfister will take you on a journey of discovery, invention, and engineering that will illustrate a series of improvements we can make to increase the efficiency of a SAH. In particular, he will introduce you to his most recent ‘scheme’ of Active Glazing Loss Reduction (AGLR). Finally, in Part 3, he will propose a potential solution in response to that scary ‘what if’ question “What if we cannot reduce our CO2emissions fast enough to keep global warning to 1.5˚C

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