October 14, 2020 (Every week)

To All Dickinson Students (near and far).

This is your invitation to join the Wellness Center and our campus partners on a weekly journey towards wholehearted living, connection, and shared belonging. It is a call to all students who are feeling the weight of loneliness, social separation, and mental fatigue to take part in a weekly, virtual, book club discussion of 1 of 4 books written by the amazing “storyteller/researcher” Dr. Brené Brown! Each week, group leaders and students will not only reflect on the content of the assigned reading, but will also explore additional media such as TED Talks, podcasts, and blogs that are relevant to current racial, sociopolitical, and identity issues. We hope students and leaders alike will take this opportunity to connect with each other and bring their authentic selves to the discussion!

*Please note that while each group is designed with a specific academic year in mind, students may choose to join a group that is focused on a book of personal interest if they are comfortable with that peer group. Attendance every week is not required, but it is encouraged to get the most benefit from this experience. We also recognize that several of these groups are scheduled during a lunch hour, so eating is permitted as long as students turn off cameras and mute their microphones while doing so.

Sophomores will explore the pages of “Daring Greatly,” which deepens the reader’s understanding of what it means to be emotionally vulnerable in personal and professional situations. Like the second year of college, students will challenge themselves to try new ways of relating to themselves and others, even in the face of critics who are not sharing in the struggle. *This book can be purchased on amazon.com for the following prices: $9.39 paperback, $13.99 Kindle, and $12.99 audiobook. If you cannot afford to purchase the book, please check with your local library for borrowing options. Students on-campus can access books through the “Cumberland County Library System (CCLS), as long as they have a proof of ID (e.g. license, green card, Dickinson ID), and proof of address, as noted on this page: https://www.cumberlandcountylibraries.org/JoinNowIdentification.

A group outline and other materials can be found on the Sharepoint library for this book club, which can be accessed via this link:




Further information

  • Location: Online
  • Time: 12:00 pm - 1:00 pm Calendar Icon
  • Cost: Free