As a college, we are committed to the American project—yet unfulfilled—of promoting principles of openness, pluralism, inclusiveness and democracy. To this regard we work toward our strategic objective of fostering a climate on campus that builds community and encourages open dialogue on issues of intellectual, ethical and social importance; teach and model for students the practice of engagement with critical and controversial issues related to our differences in our culture; and foster a sophisticated understanding of the balance between our diversity and the commonalities inherent in our shared humanity (SPIII-Diversity Strategic Plan).

Report a Bias Incident

Discriminatory behavior or expression based upon sexual orientation, gender identity or expression—or legally protected characteristics such as race, sex, religion, national origin, ethnicity, disability or military status—is strictly prohibited. Under college policy, no Dickinson College student, staff or faculty member shall, on the basis of a characteristic protected by law or college policy, be denied the benefits of, or be subjected to discrimination under, any college program or activity.

Please note that in an effort to ensure cyber security, all reports must be submitted with credentials.

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Bias Education & Response Team

The Bias Education & Response Team (BERT) represents a cross-section of the Dickinson community (faculty, staff and students) who serve as a resource for addressing bias incidents. Team members work in conjunction with other college offices and departments to support and partner with those targeted or impacted by bias incidents, maintain archival records of incidents and their resolution and assist in coordinating responses and resolution to bias incidents and hate crimes.


A number of resources exist on and off campus to support the college's commitment to "build a supportive and inclusive community characterized by respect, equality and accountability," as outlined in Strategic Plan III (2011-2015). The college seeks to model for the community effective approaches for addressing and interrupting bias as well as empower those affected by such incidents through an array of resources.

College Policies on Discrimination
A number of  policies currently exist that affirm the college's goal to maintain a discrimination- and bias-free environment. Please note, the Bias Incident Protocol and any mechanism created by it (e.g., BERT) are intended to serve as a resource for students seeking assistance in navigating these existing policies and procedures of the college, where such exist, and not to supersede policies or procedures already in place. For situations not covered by existing college policies and procedures, the protocol and related mechanisms are intended to assist students in determining their options for redress and to support them as they seek resolution.

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Coordinator, Bias Education & Response Team

Director, Center for Spirituality and Social Justice, J. Cody Nielsen

Vice President of Student Life & Dean of Students, George Stroud