Vantage Points: Coming to Consensus on Climate Change

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One Question, Many Perspectives

Produced by Christine Baksi

Dickinson faculty are thought leaders who artfully connect global and national issues across various disciplines. Vantage Points is an online forum that highlights their expertise and analysis. This latest installment of Vantage Points was inspired by a faculty panel presentation sponsored by the Dickinson Four “Ripped From the Headlines” series.

Vantage Points: How do we build consensus around climate change?

Peter Leavitt


Our Cultural Worldview Is Our Reality
Peter Leavitt, visiting assistant professor of psychology: The most persuasive positions consider objective correctness of evidence and the psychological perspective of the person viewing it.

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Toby Reiner

Listen to the Disenfranchised
Toby Reiner, assistant professor of political science: Winning the battle of hearts and minds is a significant challenge.

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Kristin Strock


Better Understanding Through Better Communication
Kristin Strock, assistant professor of environmental studies: Improved communication and visibility by scientists may help bridge the perception gap.


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Published April 21, 2017