Finding His Niche

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Mariel Arias ’19

Even from a young age, Mariel Arias ’19 knew he wanted to become a businessman and work for a global firm. Now an international business & management major, he’s following the path to make his childhood dream a reality. Learn about how he became involved on campus, his Dickinson moment, his advice for prospective students and more.


International business & management.

Clubs and organizations:

Sigma Lambda Beta international fraternity; Phonathon; Resident Advisor; Dining Services; and intramural sports.


Posse Foundation Scholarship.


New York, N.Y.

Residence hall:


As a kid…

… I always knew that I wanted to be a businessman in a global firm. I found glamour in wearing nice suits to work and earning a high income. After two years of college, I would say that my dream is still the same. I want to build strong and lasting relationships with individuals who are determined to succeed and achieve their goals. I also want to contribute to a team for a firm that is involved with the global economy. The way in which several countries and companies can be economically interdependent has always been an area of interest to me.

Favorite space on campus:

The library. More specifically, the first floor near the desktops. This space offers both a social component and a more private component near the cubbies.

Favorite Dickinson event:

My favorite Dickinson event is Charter Day. Charter Day is interesting because you get to hear about the college’s history. It’s a humbling experience to know that I have the ability to contribute to the school’s growth while maintaining its history.

On meeting people on campus:

I joined Residence Life & Housing, and it not only helped me meet other leaders on campus, but it also serves as a medium to help our rising leaders (first-year class). I found comfort in my first-year hallmates and Res. Life. Going to the Career Center, working at Phonathon and attending events across campus helped me meet other people.

On my Dickinson moment:

I have two. My first Dickinson moment was when I declared my major and asked a professor to be my advisor. It felt like I was put on a fast lane to succeed. My second Dickinson moment was joining my life-changing brotherhood. My first day of class as a brother, I felt like I finally found my niche on campus. The mix of pride and responsibility that comes with wearing my letters is a great feeling.

In a perfect world…

… I would retire by 45. I believe life is short, so I want to retire young and take the time to read, travel the world and become a motivational speaker. Hopefully by then, I am able to give back to my parents, Dickinson College, the Posse Foundation and all of the institutions that helped me succeed.

Advice to prospective students:

Be prepared to step out of your comfort zone, not only by means of the people you surround yourself with but also the classes you take and the organizations you decide to be a part of.

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Published March 29, 2017