Impulse and Deliberation

david finch

Joint show at Goodyear Gallery explores manipulation, abstraction, masculinity

by MaryAlice Bitts-Jackson

As professors of art at Messiah College (Grantham, Pa.), Daniel Finch and Brenton Good move in similar circles and work together within the same spaces. This month, they’ll also share gallery space at Dickinson, as they present a joint show in the Goodyear Gallery, Oct. 6 through 31.

The show represents an ongoing partnership that began when Good joined the faculty at Messiah in 2005. Though their styles are distinct, the two artists both explore abstraction and the interplay between self-imposed structures and artistic experimentation. Finch’s and Good’s collections also both draw from experiences and artistic traditions from the artists’ early lives.

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The son of a sculptor, Finch was born in 1971 in Orlando. He earned a B.F.A. at Augusta State University and an M.A. in painting and drawing from the University of Georgia, and his work, featured in New American Paintings, has been exhibited extensively across the country. Finch also teaches painting and drawing at Messiah College.

The pieces are saturated in archetypal characters and imagery from post-Vietnam-era America. In his sights, male icons of the 1970s, such as martial-arts master/actor Bruce Lee and daredevil Evel Kenevil, become powerful symbols of masculinity, past and present.

During Finch's residency, students worked with Finch on a mural for the Goodyear Gallery. It is the second mural project at Goodyear since students worked with a previous visiting mural artist in 2013.

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Good, who grew up in a Mennonite family, takes inspiration from patterns found in Mennonite quilts, and in his finished works, interesting tensions arise between tradition and intuition, structure and artistic experimentation.

Good has exhibited artwork internationally, and his prints and paintings are included in permanent collections at the University of Alaska, Bilkent University (Turkey) and the Nasher Sculpture Center in Dallas. He also teaches art history and foundation classes at Messiah College, and his articles have been published in Image and UTNE Reader, among other publications. 

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Published October 8, 2015