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Literary magazine features fresh voices and a visual-literary narrative

by MaryAlice Bitts-Jackson

Published each spring by the Belles Lettres Literary Society and its all-student staff of editors and designers, The Dickinson Review showcases some of the year’s best in creative writing and original artwork by students, faculty and staff.

Each issue also serves up a slice of Dickinson history, dating back to Belles Lettres’ founding (est. 1786), but don’t let that storied past fool you. One year after Belles Lettres’ 2013-14 student-publishers pushed out a new website and a fresh cover design, this year’s staff is continuing in that au courant vein by promoting fresh literary voices that include Harris Risell ’16, whose genre-defying piece weaves poetry, prose and humor into screenplay form.

“We’ve also incorporated a range of visual works that complement the written pieces [and create] a narrative arc to tie the works together,” said Laura Hart ’15, who edited the magazine along with fellow editor-in-chief Mary Naydan ’15. Hart adds that this focus on visual-literary interplay is reflected in James George 15’s dynamic collage, adapted for the cover by the publication’s art director, Anastasia Putri ’16, which tells its own strange, dreamlike tale.

A limited quantity of Dickinson Review issues are available for sale.

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Published June 5, 2015