Beyond the Limestone Walls: Volunteerism's Benefits

Ty Saini

Photo by Carl Socolow '77.

by Ty Saini ’93, Alumni Council President

During the holiday season, perhaps you found yourself as I did being reminded of the high points, and even challenges, in your life. Time for reflection is both important and therapeutic. As I take time to pause and really look around, I am grateful for those who have shaped and impacted my life. And while I was thinking about this issue’s column, I kept coming back to the notion of how Dickinson continues to influence my world, even after I graduated 21 years ago.

As I consider the eight years I’ve served on the Alumni Council, I am proud to state that the council has accomplished much in a short time. As you’ll see from the list at right, it is a well-organized, diverse, motivated and close-knit group of individuals. We don’t always agree with one another, but that is OK  and healthy for meaningful discussion. To effectively serve the college and its alumni, we try to delve deeper into questions and issues. We may not arrive at an immediate answer, but we strive for practical, long-term solutions that integrate a variety of considerations and viewpoints. I would attribute this to our liberal-arts outlook and what our Dickinson professors stretched us to discover while in their classrooms.

My life is richer not only because of the council members and Dickinson staff whom I have had the honor to meet and work with but also for what they have taught me and challenged me to accomplish. Every month there is something to work on. It’s no different than the rest of our lives, both at work and at home. But just like those other facets in your life, the more that is asked of you, the more you learn, grow and feel good about. As I have written in the past, volunteerism benefits a person in so many ways, and I ask you to make it a goal for 2015 and beyond both in your community and here at Dickinson.

As I look ahead, my wish for our alma mater is to see more of its alumni reconnect. For many schools, the question about why alumni are not engaged remains the biggest nut to crack. It’s harder for me to solve this puzzle when it comes to Dickinson, because I witness firsthand the potential for greatness. How? Speak with current students about their interests, experiences and aspirations, and you will be amazed and impressed by their intellect, maturity and capabilities. Ask a professor about their research or pedagogy, and you will want to be a student all over again. Chat with a coach, admissions officer or another member of the college staff, and you hear about a genuine passion for Dickinson. They deserve our support and presence.

I invite you to join the fun, hard work and opportunities as an alumni volunteer. There are many ways to get involved, so feel free to drop us a line at It is never too late to reconnect or strengthen your connection with Dickinson.

Alumni Council 2014-15

Robert Paull ’62
Eric Evans ’68
Stan Springel ’68
A. Pierce Bounds ’71
Karen Pflug-Felder ’71
David Haag ’73
Cynthia McNicholas ’74
Albert Masland ’79, P’06
Catherine Erviti Rebhun ’80
Lisa Gutenstein Silvershein ’84
Colleen Sweeney Superko ’84
Joseph Kleine  ’85
Will Pollins ’88
Robert Garrett ’90
David Lee ’91
Artrese Morrison ’92
Kristin Holdt Pracitto ’92
Craig Tucker ’92
Tania Miller Conte ’93
Francesca Dea ’93
Monique Ribando ’93
Ty Saini ’93
Julie Wise McClure ’94
David Carlson ’99
Darren Silvis ’00
Michael Donnelly ’02
Matthew Fahnestock ’02
Jonathan McEvoy ’02
Michael Henry ’06
Michael Pennington ’07
David Talton ’07
Caroline Salamack Clark ’08
Nicholas C. Smith ’08
Andrew Williams ’08
Jason Fine ’09
James Liska ’09
Andrew Heist ’10
Rachel Warzala Chesley ’11
Laura Wilson ’11
Darrell Pacheco ’12

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Published January 20, 2015