Summer Fitness Challenge 2016

2016 summer fitness challenge

Swing into Summer Fitness Challenge 2016!

We ended the 2016 Spring Into Fitness Challenge with an Ice Cream Social Celebration back on Wednesday, June 1. Since then, some have taken summer vacations and relaxed a bit, while many others have been very busy with student/alumni visits, program planning for the upcoming year and/or completing various projects during these warm summer months. This Summer Fitness Challenge is a reminder to take a break from the hustle and bustle of summer programs and planning, and to take care of your own wellbeing!

Beginning this week (July 17-23), we are offering a fun, summer fitness challenge to all Dickinsonians who wish to participate. For the next six weeks, we are asking you to track your exercise minutes (the same as we did in the spring semester), and to report them on a weekly basis online in a Google Form – just for fun…and maybe a few prizes or surprises! We began the Spring Into Fitness Challenge with a virtual Walk-around-the-World via Dickinson’s Global Education sites and, as a group, we made it half-way around the world in the spring. Our challenge for the summer – to see if we can make it the rest of the way back to Carlisle by the end of the Summer Fitness Challenge, which closes on Saturday, August 27.

To join the Summer Fitness Challenge, simply complete and submit your Exercise Minutes online via the Reporting Google Form at the end of each week (shown below):

Exercise & Fitness Reporting Weeks for minutes to miles conversion:

Week 1: July 17-23 – submit on or after July 24
Week 2: July 24-30 – submit on or after July 31
Week 3: July 31-Aug 6 – submit on or after Aug 7
Week 4: Aug 7-13 – submit on or after Aug 8
Week 5: Aug 14-20 – submit on or after Aug 21
Week 6: Aug 21-27 – submit on or after Aug 27

To track your weekly exercise minutes more easily for reporting later, click here for a Weekly Exercise Minutes Tracking Form

Thank you to all Dickinsonians in advance for being active, enjoying exercise and fitness activities this summer!

Watch for updates on our progress as we continue our trek, walking around the world for the next six weeks by visiting the virtual Walk-Around-the-World map at:

2016 swing into summer virtual walking map

We began the 2016 Swing into Summer Fitness Challenge cruising along in the Pacific Ocean, swimming and paddling toward our next stop at the University of Queensland in Australia! We were almost at the University of Queensland as of week 2. As of week 4, we passed Australia and New Zealand, and are heading across the Pacific Ocean toward South America. Will you make it home to Carlisle PA? Report your exercise minutes each week, and we will see!